N.A. Montgomery

Awakening - The Morrigan Chronicles


The Morrigan – Celtic Goddess of War, Fate and Death. I am a warrior of the Tuatha de Danann. History writes us as a supernatural race in Irish mythology that battled demons and the Fomorians – a race similar to ours and our rivals. The last thing I remember, I fought alongside King Arthur and his men against the Fomoire and an evil God. Then… I remember nothing. I am Morrigan, but I am no Goddess and no myth. The world has spun on for centuries without me and my people. The only traces of us existing are in the legends we’ve left behind. There are mysteriously few demons and new creatures I’ve never encountered, vampires and werewolves, that roam the world. The Gods are back to playing their twisted games for power, threatening to end the entire realm. There is little hope until – we are awakened.


Fitness Instructor by day, Mom by night - and fantasy author in the bits of time in-between.

Awakening - The morrigan chronicles on kindle is now available for pre-order

The eBook version will be released November 14th and the paperback version will be released November 21st!
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