Here we go!!!

I’m ten days away (crossing fingers) from releasing my first book on Halloween in a new series, Awakening – The Morrigan Chronicles.  I’m excited, nervous and a little scared to put myself out there.  My family and friends have been so supportive.  Right now I feel like I need tech support rather than moral support though.

Be patient with me.  I’m known more for being a physically strong presence rather than technologically savvy.  No worries though – I will triumph over this as long as I don’t lose my patience and pitch my laptop out the window.

The GOOD news is I’m still riding high on receiving my book cover yesterday and I must say – it is AMAZING!!!  I cannot wait to start this crazy journey.  Regardless of how this ends up, it’s been a wild ride where I’ve met some wonderful folks and felt the outpour of love from friends and family.

So….here we go!!!

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